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National Meshoma Foundation

surgical mesh examples
Plastic mesh approved by government agency which causes post-operative pain.

National Meshoma Foundation is: A 501 C3 nonprofit foundation, dedicated to helping postoperative pain sufferers of chronic pain due to hernia mesh insertion. This syndrome is coming to be called "Meshoma" — that is: injury from surgical insertion of plastic mesh used to restrain hernia recurrence. Removal of this plastic mesh is one way to relieve chronic pain: this may be called "meshectomy".

Meshoma Foundation conducts research, educates people and informs important agencies about mesh injuries. A database is under way of doctors treating mesh injuries, as well as practitioners of mesh free surgery. We also record and keep files of Meshoma sufferers complaints. We do not offer medical or legal advice. Send e-mail to sandiegocontractors at with your symptoms list, or for further information.

Contributions to the National Meshoma Foundation are welcomed. Please contact us for details, or inform us of your experience with a doctor or attorney (hopefully a good experience). More information about the National Meshoma Foundation coming soon.